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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQs: Learn More About Selling a House for Cash In New York

When you’re in a hurry to sell a house for cash in NY, Hudson Valley, or the Tri-State area of New Jersey and Connecticut know that you can rely on Sell Now Homebuyers for a fast solution. We’ve helped more hundreds of New York homeowners sell their homes, often as quickly as three weeks!

We help people resolve all types of situations and problems by delivering on our promise of buying their homes directly, without wasting time or incurring additional costs. During our tenure in business, we’ve answered thousands of questions about the home selling and home buying process. Here are the most important things you’ll need to know when selling your house for cash in New York.

Q: How many homes has Sell Now Homebuyers bought over the years?

A: Since 2012 our Investment Group has purchased more than 250 homes in the Greater New York, Hudson Valley and Tri-State area.  We are not an outside agency that swoops in to buy up homes. Because we know the area so well, we’re able to provide a higher level of service and pay purchase prices that are more competitive

Q: What do you need to know in order to buy my house?

A: We can get started with just some basic information about your house. How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Is there a garage? Is the basement finished? What is the overall condition of the property? How long have you owned the house? Are there any outstanding liens against the property? Do you have a current mortgage? What is the balance? From there, we can get started on the purchase process.

Q: Can you really buy my house in just one week?

A: If all the paperwork is  completed promptly, you have clear title and there are no problems, we can often complete the purchase of a property in just 21 days. Because NY is an attorney state you it’s impossible to sell a home in NY any faster than that.

Q: I have a mortgage. Does it get paid off?

A: Yes. By law, any mortgage or other liens must be paid off when you sell the house. The balance of the money goes to you.

Q: I am facing foreclosure. Can you still buy my house?

A: It depends.  We typically don’t work short sales so if you are upside down in your house we probably are not the solution for you.  Otherwise – yes, if we work quickly! Many lenders would prefer to receive payment on their mortgage loan instead of taking the property. Sell Now Homebuyers often works with lenders to delay foreclosure until we can complete the home purchase and you have the money to pay off the mortgage and avoid foreclosure. New York state is one of the most lenient states in the country when it comes to foreclosure.  400-500 days is not un-heard of.

Q: How do you determine the amount you will pay for a house?

A: We take many factors into consideration, including:  location of the home, age and condition of the property, any needed repairs, selling prices of similar homes, etc. We’ve been making real estate transactions for many years and have deep experience in determining the fair market value of a home.

Q:  My house needs several repairs. Does this mean you won’t buy it?

A: Not at all! Most of the houses we purchase are in need of repairs or updating. So long as the home is basically in good condition, we’ll buy it from you.

Q: Is there a fee you charge when you buy a house?

A: No. Unlike many home buying companies or real estate agents, Sell Now Homebuyers  never charges a fee.

Q: How long do I have to decide once you make an offer on my house?

A: Most of our offers have a 30 day expiration date. But in many cases, homeowners find our offers so attractive and fair they accept them immediately!

Q: Do you buy condominiums?

A: Yes. Sell Now Homebuyers will purchase a condo, townhouse, duplex, farm, apartment house, vacation property, land – almost any piece of real estate.

Q: Where do you buy property?

A: We currently buy property in the Greater New York area including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island.  We also love buying houses in the Hudson Valley.  We buy houses in Westchester, County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Ulster County, Rockland County as well as parts of New Jersey like Bergen County. We are constantly expanding, and we can also contact a company in our network that will be happy to assist you.

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